ELIAS VAN ORSHAEGEN is a Belgian designer whose work embodies a balance between primal, rootsy memory and distant exotic yearning. With an intuitive hands-on approach, he focuses on creating objects that highlight atmosphere, clear forms, and the sensory qualities of materials. Inspired by primary cultures and their forms, Elias translates these influences into subtle and serene indoor and outdoor objects. His works initiate a dialogue, a reciprocal interaction, between the object and its bespoke surroundings.

Having graduated from the postgraduate furniture design course in Mechelen (BE) in 2019, Elias Van Orshaegen engages in a diverse range of projects that prioritize dialogue with the environment and space. Throughout his work, he maintains a consistent emphasis on purity, conceptual thinking, and sculpturalism, always guided by his intuition. Additionally, Elias continually explores materials, techniques, and the repurposing of waste streams.

Driven by a vision to create aesthetically pleasing and narrative-driven work, Elias Van Orshaegen channels a variety of materials, techniques, and approaches in his artistic endeavors.