Studio Kuhlmann

Lucid Dreams

Studio Kuhlmann

Fri., Apr. 5, 6 to 9 PM

Apr. 5 — May 18, 2023

St. Vincents’ is delighted to present 'Lucid Dreams' on Friday, April 5th, from 6-9 PM. The inaugural exhibition showcases the latest creations by German welder and designer Hannah Kuhlmann, delving into the intricate balance between perception and reality.

Known for her minimalist tube lighting fixtures, Studio Kuhlmann beckons viewers to immerse themselves in her creations and envision fictional characters within. Each meticulously handcrafted piece serves as a testament to Kuhlmann's expertise, boldly merging the industrial allure of metal with the soft tactility of fabric.

For her first solo presentation, 'Lucid Dreams' pays homage to the fleeting refuge of a midday nap—a momentary escape from the demands of reality into the realm of unconsciousness. Within a scenographed ethereal space, each object conceals intricacies akin to the unexpected encountered in dreams. Fabric veils metal, echoing the illusion that shrouds reality.

Through the lens of napping, Kuhlmann's exhibition explores the evolving cultural perception of dreaming, delving into the captivating dimensions of the human psyche. Reflecting on its ability to distort perception, nurture emotional well-being, and inspire new perspectives, 'Lucid Dreams' offers a captivating exploration of the unconscious mind.

Anchoring the exhibition are pieces such as an embracing daybed, offering refuge for a momentary sojourn into slumber, and delicate flowers that emanate a soft glow, reminiscent to the gentle embrace of sunrise. Personal belongings are protected by discrete storage, providing a tangible sanctuary for the mind within the curated dreamscape.

'Lucid Dreams' by Kuhlmann offers attendees an opportunity to momentarily shed the weight of perfection, allowing the spirit to rest, rejuvenate, and discover beauty in the unstructured elegance of the wild.