DIRK VAN DER KOOIJ is a Dutch designer known for his innovative approach to creating furniture and objects using recycled materials. Holding a strong point of view on materiality and craft, the Kooij collection gives new purpose to recycled elements such as discarded CDs, leather sofas, and kitchen appliances, in a range of sculptural and tactile designs that reflect the artist’s reverence of both technological and traditional craftmanship.

At the core of his practice is a commitment to longevity, functionality, and joy. Every piece created by the Kooij collection undergoes a rigorous evaluation to ensure it is a worthy and permanent application of the resources used. Hinging on a formal exploration of 3D printing as a rapid prototyping process, Kooij designs capture the beauty found in reclaimed materials.
Over the years, van der Kooij’s critically acclaimed work has gained recognition and has been included in the permanent collections of prestigious institutions such as MoMA New York, Vitra Design Museum and Design Museum London.