STUDIO KER, founded by Michael Bennett in 2020, emerges as a pivotal chapter in his journey. The studio’s inception gained momentum when Bennett crossed paths with the late industrial designer Imhotep Blot in 2021. United by their coastal American South upbringing and African-Haitian roots, they forged Studio Kër to delve into sculptural furniture design. Their creations serve as a canvas for exploring themes of intersectionality, segregation, and the American ghetto, while celebrating African American and diasporic identities. Each piece is a testament to place and community, intertwining historically Black cultural motifs with a conscious challenge to Western domestic norms.

Bennett’s transition from the football field, where he enjoyed an illustrious career spanning 11 seasons and a Super Bowl victory with the Seattle Seahawks in 2014, to the realm of design underscores his commitment to social justice. His advocacy extends beyond sports, evidenced by initiatives like establishing an endowment at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2021, aimed at fostering diversity in the design world.