Faye Toogood (Rutland, England, 1977) has become one of the most influential form-givers of contemporary design since the introduction of her instantly recognizable, voluminous Roly-Poly chair (2014). Her experimental approach to design, which encompasses apparel, fine art, home furnishings and interiors, has yielded a highly sculptural body of work that is the result of pure instinct and self-expression.

Each stage of her career is marked and catalogued into numbered “Assemblages” of work. Conceptually, formally and materially, they create a multilayered body of artistic expression. The cantilever drawer is a component of her fourth assemblage. The collection, also known as Roly-Poly, references Toogood’s path to motherhood. During her pregnancy, Toogood’s work shifted and embraced a world of soft lines and childlike forms, playing in stark contrast to her previous post-industrial collection.

Available finishes of chalk, cream, putty and charcoal evoke the English landscape and industry.